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Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, and Inserts

Wood Stove Floor Protection

Stove BoardWhen installing a wood stove, it is very important that the stove maintains all the proper clearances from combustible material. One of the clearances that often gets ignored is the proper floor protection and floor protection type. Having the correct floor protection will prevent costly damage to the home and is as easy as adding a hearth rug or a stove board.

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How to Stop a Drafty Fireplace | Solve Fireplace Draft Issues

Drafty Fireplace inside HomeFor centuries, homeowners have been using fireplaces to heat their homes. Wood is the oldest fuel used to heat residential homes. In this day and age, people have found alternative ways to heat their homes, from oil fired boilers, natural gas furnaces, propane heaters and electric baseboard heaters. Fireplaces are now used for nothing more than being aesthetically pleasing. Fireplaces have turned into a place where heating and cooling is lost. There are ways to reduce the energy loss, it’s just a matter of what you want out of our fireplace.

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