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Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe - 304L Inner / Galvalume Outer Painted Black

Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe with the painted black outer wall will finish any installation nicely where the pipe will be visible. Easily and safely vent your pellet stove with our pellet pipe for direct venting through the wall, venting vertically through ceilings and floors, or as connector stove pipe to masonry chimney. Additionally listed for use as B-Vent pipe.

As low as $57.99

Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe is fabricated with a 304L stainless steel inner wall with a painted black galvalume outer wall to safely vent pellet stoves that are direct vented through the wall or venting vertically passing through combustibles such as ceilings and floors.

The unique quick connect screw-less system offers an easy installation while also providing a revolutionary gasket seal which prevents all leaks without having to rely on silicone like most other manufactures. Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe is constructed of a 304L stainless steel inner wall at .016 thickness and a painted black galvalume outer wall at .018 thickness. U.L. listed ULC/ORD-C44 to allow a 1" clearance to combustible material. Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe is also U.L. listed and approved to be used as B-Vent, which can be used to vent lower efficiency gas furnaces and hot water heaters. Note: Pipe overlap for Rock-Vent Pellet Vent pipe is 1.5 inches.


  • 304L Stainless Steel inner wall for long-lasting wood pellet pipe
  • Painted Black outer wall for a nice clean & finished look
  • Unique quick connect system for easy installation
  • Innovative gasket seal to prevent leaks without the need for silicone
  • U.L. Listed and Tested for pellet burning appliances with 1" clearance to combustibles
  • U.L. Listed to be used as B-Vent for lower efficiency gas furnaces and hot water heaters

Installation Examples:

  • Direct-Vent through the wall for your pellet stove (according to appliance manufacturer installation instructions)
  • Vertically vent your pellet stove through combustibles (1" clearance to combustibles)
  • Listed as B-Vent pipe to vertically vent your low efficiency gas appliance (83% efficiency or lower)
  • Connector stove pipe to connect your pellet stove to a masonry chimney
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