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Flat Ridge Hook for Ladder

The Ridge Hook provides a safer and easier way to access the roof for chimney repairs. Easily attach the ridge hook to virtually any D rung, wood, aluminum or fiberglass ladders. Optional wheels are available which makes getting the ridge hook on the roof easily.

As low as $54.99

Are you looking for an easier and safer way to access your roof to do your chimney repairs? The Ridge Hook makes even getting on the steepest roofs easy. The hook will attach to most any D-rung style wood, aluminum and fiberglass ladder. The Ridge Hook works by hooking the ladder over the ridge of the roof allowing you to easily walk up the ladder on the roof. The adjustable locking mechanism makes it universal for virtually any ladder.

The Ridge Hook is also perfect for accessing the roof in inclement weather conditions when the roof is unsafe to walk on. Steep roofs are no longer an issue with a ladder and a Ridge Hook. If getting on the roof is the only thing stopping you from doing your chimney repairs, the Ridge Hook will provide a safe and sturdy way up your roof.

Optional wheels are available to easily push the ladder on the roof safely without damaging your roof. Simply roll the ladder up the roof and flip the hook over the ridge to easily get the ladder on the roof. It is recommended to use two ridge hooks with wheels for best rolling the ladder up the roof.

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