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Chimney Dampers

How to Install a Stove Pipe Damper | Stove Pipe Damper Install Video

Cast Iron Stove Pipe DamperInstalling a damper for stainless steel chimney pipe is an easy task any homeowner can do. A stove pipe damper is commonly used for wood burning stoves. By installing the damper into single wall stove pipe, you can have air control to your fire.

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Fireplace Dampers | Put a Top Damper on the Top of Your To Do List

chimney top damperIs there a large hole in your living area that is directly connected to the outside? There is if you have a fireplace with a chimney.

The damper is an important part of your fireplace chimney. It does more than just control the amount of heat your fireplace sends into the room; it can also help prevent heated air loss through the chimney or down drafts when the chimney is not in use. An improperly sealing or broken damper could increase your heating and cooling costs significantly, and these days, it is important to conserve as much as possible.



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