Zero Clearance/Pre-Fab Fireplace Comparison Tool

Important Note: The shape of your fireplace should be taken into consideration when making a final choice. Be sure to measure the width and height of your fireplace at the minimum depth noted for the insert you would like to order.

Example: The minimum opening size required for the insert you would like is 24" height x 29" width x 16" depth. Go to your fireplace, measure back 16" deep. At 16" depth, is your fireplace going to accommodate 24" height and 29" width? If yes, you are good to go!

*Due to many variables beyond our control, the installer should check actual parts for final dimensions. This product tool is a guide to help narrow down fireplace insert options for comparison.

Note: Framing height is not considered in this calculation since that is typically easier to modify on-site.

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