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Chimney Liners

Should My Chimney Be Relined AND Insulated?

Air GapDo I need to insulate my chimney liner? Read a simple breakdown of building code to determine if you need to insulate your new stainless steel liner. Simple explanation of interior and exterior chimney code and how it affects whether or not you insulate your new stainless liner.

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Is a Stainless Steel Chimney Liner a Good Idea?

a piece of stainless steel chimney linerIs a stainless chimney liner a good idea? In a variety of situations, the answer to this question is "yes." Chimney liners are an important component of a fireplace system because they go a long way toward preventing dangerous chimney fires. They contain smoke, soot and carbon monoxide that are produced when you use your fireplace or furnace.

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Square Rock-Flex Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Conversion Chart

This chart is designed to assist you in selecting a square shaped chimney liner. The key when calculating the measurement of a shaped liner is to match as closely as possible the area in square inches of a recommended round liner. Complete instructions are included below the chart. You can also try our Liner Shape Calculator.


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