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Chimney Pipe and Stove Pipe

How to Install a Stove Pipe Damper | Stove Pipe Damper Install Video

Cast Iron Stove Pipe DamperInstalling a damper for stainless steel chimney pipe is an easy task any homeowner can do. A stove pipe damper is commonly used for wood burning stoves. By installing the damper into single wall stove pipe, you can have air control to your fire.

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Choosing a Chimney Cap for Chimney Pipe - About Chimney Pipe Caps

Air Cooled Chimney Pipe ImageThere are two main types of prefabricated chimneys: air cooled chimneys and insulated chimneys (often referred to as solid-pack or non-air cooled). Each pipe requires a different type of chimney cap. If you look up at your chimney and you do not see a chimney rain cap on your flue, then a cap should be installed immediately to prevent costly repairs down the road.

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Furnace Vent Pipe: Venting High Efficiency Appliances & AL29-4C Pipe

Furnace Vent Pipe: Venting a High Efficiency Appliance with AL29-4C PipingWhich Pipe Should I Use When Venting My Furnace, Boiler, or Corn Appliance?

High efficiency appliances such as furnaces and boilers are a great way to cut down on your heating bills. The more efficient an appliance is the less fuel that is being used. Every appliance is given an efficiency rating. The efficiency rating is referred to as the amount of fuel that is being directly used to heat the home. High efficiency is obtained when heat from the flue is extracted before it is vented into the atmosphere. To classify an appliance as highly efficient, the efficiency rating is going to be 86% or higher.



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