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Stove and Insert Installation Measurement Guides

Measurement Guides and Forms for Any Stove or Insert Installation Setup

Over the several years that we have been in business, we understand there are many measurements to gather before being able to put together a parts list for your stove or fireplace insert installation. That's why we've compiled a list of common installations, each having their own tailored measurement form. Simply choose the image below that most resembles your installation setup. You can fill out a form online with all of the measurements or you can print a hard copy list of measurements and send it in to us. Either way works for us! One of our Certified Technicians will put together a parts list for you and send it to your email address.

Easy to use measurement forms for your fireplace insert or wood stove installation. Simply fill out the form and we will put a parts list together for you!

Existing Masonry Chimney Installations

Stove to Thimble
Stove to Masonry Thimble Install
Through the wall install
Stove Inside Masonry Fireplace Install
Traditional Fireplace Liner
Traditional Open Masonry Fireplace

Installations without a Masonry Chimney

Install through flat ceiling
Stove Through Flat Ceiling Install
Install through ceiling
Stove Through Pitched Ceiling Install
Stove to Wall
Stove Through the Wall Install

*IRC, NFP 211, building codes, and local jurisdiction codes are ever changing. It is the installer’s responsibility to be sure they are installing their components properly. Any questions about our products can be phoned in to one of our Certified Technicians.*