Copper Multi-Flue Cap with Hip and Ridge Lid, Top Mount

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Copper Multi-Flue Cap with Hip and Ridge Lid, Top Mount

Copper Multi-Flue Cap with Hip and Ridge Lid, Top Mount

Copper Multi-Flue Cap with Hip and Ridge Lid, Top Mount

Copper Multi-Flue Cap with Hip and Ridge Lid, Top Mount

Chimney Cap Diagram

Chimney Cap Diagram

Copper Top Mount, Hip & Ridge Lid multi flue caps are made per order for the perfect fit. Features 2"...

Copper Top Mount, Hip & Ridge Lid multi flue caps are made per order for the perfect fit. Features 2" overhang, 3/4" mesh, 6/12 lid pitch, corner reinforcements, removable lid, and easy to install base mounting flanges.

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Enhance the appeal and protection of your chimney with our Copper Top Mount Chimney Cap. The Top Mount with Hip and Ridge Lid Multi-Flue Cap is constructed from 16 ounce copper and provides a durable, decorative style. Add charm and long-lasting defense against critters, rain, snow, debris, and deterioration.

The Hip and Ridge lid features a 6/12 pitch and provides a 2" lid overhang over the sides of the 3/4" mesh screen. The lid of the cap is removable for easy access during cleanings and maintenance.


The Top Mount Copper Chimney Cap design easily attaches to the top of the chimney crown or brick with chimney adhesive and masonry screws (included). Features a hinged mounting flange for flexibility during installation. The 1.5" wide hinged mounting flange allows you to position the flange on either the outside or inside of the mesh screen.

To install, center the chimney cap onto the crown. Mark the hole positions in the base, typically you will need 4 - 8 screws for an average sized cap. Lift the mounting flange and add a bead of silicone underneath, firmly press flange into the silicone. Drill holes in the marked positions and drive the masonry screws into the crown.

Provide the measurements that you would like the mesh screen fabricated to for a perfect fitting Copper Chimney Cap.

Why Choose Our Copper Chimney Cap

Ordering and installing our Copper Chimney Cap with Hip and Ridge Lid is a hassle-free process. Crafted from real 16 oz. copper and backed by a lifetime warranty against rust or defects. The corner reinforcements deliver unmatched rigidity. The pitched Hip and Ridge Lid is ideal for homeowners concerned about snow loads and curb appeal.

Add beauty & charm to your chimney by installing a real copper chimney cap that will patina over time.

Measuring for Your Copper Chimney Cap

Measure your chimney to ensure a custom fit with our measuring information. Provide your measurements and we will fabricate the mesh screen accordingly. The measurements you enter will be the size the mesh screen is fabricated to. Then, the 1.5" mounting flange will be added.

It is recommended that the height of the mesh screen be 6" higher than the tallest flue tile. In order to have proper ventilation, there needs to be adequate room for the exhaust to exit. For example, if the tallest clay flue is 6", then you would need to order a screen height of at least 12".

For outside mount installations, please add at least 1/4" to the exact length and width measurements for a snug fit.

Note: Copper Multi-Flue Chimney Caps are made custom per order and are non-returnable. With a fabrication time of 1-2 weeks, your chimney protection solution is just around the corner.

Here are the things you need to measure when figuring out your Top Mount Chimney Cap dimensions:

  • Overall length for mesh screen
  • Overall width for mesh screen
  • Screen height (should be at least 6" higher than the tallest flue)
  • Measuring Form (Printable PDF)



  • 100% Real Copper
  • 2" Lid Overhang
  • Corner Reinforcements are Standard
  • 3/4" Mesh
  • 6/12 Lid Pitch
  • Removable Lid
  • Easily to Install Base Mounting Flanges


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