Clay Flue Tile Breaker and Rods Kit - Rental

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Clay Flue Tile Breaker and Rods Kit - Rental

Clay Flue Tile Breaker and Rods Kit - Rental

A Rotary Tile Breaking Tool dramatically speeds up the process of removing clay flue tiles. The weighted tile breakers spin...

A Rotary Tile Breaking Tool dramatically speeds up the process of removing clay flue tiles. The weighted tile breakers spin in eccentric circles and will work effectively to break up clay flue tiles so they can be removed.

As low as$279.00

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A Rotary Tile Breaking Tool dramatically speeds up the process of removing clay flue tiles. The tile breakers spin in eccentric circles and will work effectively to break up clay flue tiles so they can be removed. Many DIY homeowners have too small of a flue to fit a stainless steel chimney liner. The solution is breaking out the clay flue tiles so that a stainless steel chimney liner will fit down the flue. The issue homeowners were having is that the equipment was too costly to just use one time for the installation, so we listened and are now offering the equipment as a rental!

Our rental kits come complete with the starter rod, steel chimney rod 5 ft. extensions, and the tile breaker. The 10" long small button lock starter chimney rod is used to connect to your 1/2 in. electric drill - this item you will need to have in order to use the rental kit (Drill must have a minimum of 7.0 amps and a maximum RPM of 900.). The tongue and groove feature lessens the small button lock push button. With a recessed button, you can avoid any unexpected disconnects.

Rental Sizes and Pricing

Rental Kit Size Purchase Price Refund When Returned Final Rental Cost

Tile Breaker w/ 15 ft. Rods




Tile Breaker w/ 20 ft. Rods




Tile Breaker w/ 25 ft. Rods




Tile Breaker w/ 30 ft. Rods




Tile Breaker w/ 35 ft. Rods




We have a quick and easy process to get the tools to you fast so you can complete your project.

↠ Purchase the item from this product page
↠ We'll email you a rental agreement to sign and return back to us in an email
↠ We'll ship the product to your door
↠ Complete your installation project and let us know when you're done
↠ We'll include a return label at no extra cost - just drop it off at your nearest FedEx location
↠ Once we receive the product back, we'll issue you a refund (refunds are noted in chart above)
↠ Rental Duration 30 days

Tips of the Trade

↠ As you break out the clay tiles, have someone cleaning them out at the bottom so that you don't fill the flue up with broken tiles. This will save you a lot of time and hassle. Stop using the tool when the person at the bottom is unloading the broken tiles.
↠ In very unusual cases, the clay tiles may be mortared into place against the walls of the flue. Just to be cautious, it's a good idea to break out the top clay tile with a hammer before renting this tool. If you are able to break out one of the top clay tiles, it's a good sign that your tiles aren't mortared onto the walls of the flue.
↠ Start the tile breaking at the top of the chimney and work your way down the flue. If you start at the bottom of the chimney then the rods could get stuck inside your chimney.

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Customer Reviews

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Phil Versetti
chimney re-do

Eric walked me through what I needed and educated me on this DIY project. I
had an estimate from a very reputable company that tested me super and didn't even charge me to come out. I just could not afford to have them do it and Rockford was the answer, in fact it turned out that I installed the exact forever flex that the chimney company was going to install. Thanks to ERIC the ordering of tools, product, and delivery was terrific and exactly as described. I'm states away from Rockford Chimney, so if you need help call them !

Raymond Mitchell
Tile breaker

Works fantastic!

Saved the day for me

My original clay chimney tile was deteriorating, so I purchased a stainless steel liner. Unfortunately, the clay tiles were a little misaligned when the chimney was built, and I couldn't get the stainless liner down the chimney. I saw that the flue tile breaker was available to rent for much less than purchasing one, so I ordered it. Shipped quickly, and made short work of the old flue tile. Spent twice as much time cleaning out the broken pieces at the bottom as actually running the device- probably less than 15 minutes of running time for a 15' chimney. Free return shipping, and refund of my deposit was timely.
Assembly of the device was not immediately obvious to me, but a call to customer service gave me the correct info.

One caution: on my drill, the tool wanted to slip out of the drill chuck after running it for 30 seconds or so (lots of vibration involved). That would have been disastrous to have the tool slip down the chimney, so I continuously watched for slippage and tightened the chuck regularly.

It was a lifesaver for me. Without it, I would have had a useless (but expensive) replacement chimney liner

Tile Breaker

Rockford makes easy for the DIY person by renting tools like this one. I received it in a timely manner returned it as soon as I was done. I got my deposit back faster than I thought it would.

Thanks Rockford

Worked well

This breaker worked as explained from Rockford rep. It took longer to clean debris from chimney bottom than breaking the tile. 1 hint, reverse your drill from time to time to get into the hard to reach corners

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