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Fireplace Throat Damper Handles

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Damper Handle Replacement with Names

Throat Damper Handles are used to replace old traditional style fireplace throat damper handles. Old throat dampers located at the bottom of the fireplace flue tend to rust and fall apart. These handles can be used to replace an old handle. See chart below for measurements and descriptions.

An alternative option to a damper handle is to install a Top Mount Chimney Damper, they are more effective at keeping the outside air from entering the home - plus they keep animals and debris out of the home!

Damper Handle Length Dimensions:
Poker Common Poker Damper Handle, Fits CH Dampers 12.5" Poker Damper
Poker 2 Poker Handle with 2" Extra Opening Range 14.5" Poker 2 Damper
RH Handle Right Hand Style Damper Handle, Fits RH Dampers 13" RH Handle Damper
Jim HD Under the Lintel Style Damper Handle, Fits Jim Dampers 10.5" Jim Handle
Jim HD3 Jim Handle with 3" Extra Opening Range 13.5" Jim HD 3 Handle
Atlantic Damper Handle to Fit Atlantic Dampers 12.5" Atlantic Handle
Terry 3 Tooth Long Poker Handle 13.5" Terry Handle
Boom Bomerang Shaped Damper Handle 11" Boom Handle
Ratchet Ratchet Style Damper Handle (Fits CHN Dampers) 7" x 7" Ratchet Handle