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Oval Flex Liner Components

Note: Oval chimney liner components are custom made to your specifications, and are not refundable. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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  1. Oval Flat Top Plate
    Oval Flat Top Plate
    As low as $99.99

    The Flat Plate is 18" x 18" and can be trimmed down with a good pair of tin snips if you need it to be a smaller size.

  2. Oval Terra Cotta Top Plate
    Oval Terra Cotta Top Plate
    As low as $0.00

    The Terra Cotta Top Plate comes with stainless steel screws to secure the top plate via a friction fit. Select below the oval collar size in the first drop down box and the top plate size in the second box.

  3. Oval Rain Cap
    Oval Rain Cap
    As low as $119.99

    Quick connect oval rain cap with screen, wind guard, and quick connect clamp system. The rain cap fits on the outside of the top plate collar. Once in place all you need to do is tighten down the clamp.

  4. Oval Tee and Tee Cap
    Oval Tee and Tee Cap
    As low as $199.99

    The tee has an oval shaped body and is attached to the bottom of a chimney pipe / liner. The horizontal snout of the tee is round and 10" long and fits into the thimble of your chimney wall.

  5. Oval to Round Connector for Flexible Chimney Liner
    Oval to Round Connector for Flexible Chimney Liner
    As low as $129.99

    Mates a dripless connection between oval flex liner and the round opening or vertical pipe on your appliance. The quick connect clamp on the oval end ensures a seal tight connection.

  6. Oval Pulling Cone
    Oval Pulling Cone
    As low as $99.00

    The pulling cone makes the job of installing a chimney liner easier. Use it to help pull the liner through the chimney. Quick to connect and disconnect from our Oval stainless steel chimney liner.

  7. Oval to Oval Connector
    Oval to Oval Connector
    As low as $89.99

    Female to male dripless seam. Connect flex to flex, rigid to flex, and more. You will need a stainless steel oval to oval liner connector if you are purchasing more than 25 feet of liner.

  8. Oval Bottom Plate
    Oval Bottom Plate
    As low as $99.99

    18"x18" flat bottom plate with an oval collar to accept the oval chimney liner at the bottom. Can be trimmed down with with a pair of good tin snips.

  9. Oval Mesh Bottom Plate
    Oval Mesh Bottom Plate
    As low as $67.99

    For standard fireplace bottom termination. Great for transitioning from a liner to the fireplace smoke chamber. Our 18 in. x18 in. mesh bottom plate features a quick connect collar to secure the liner.

9 Items

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