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Chimney Tool Rental Options

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, you're like me. I hate it when I have to go out and spend money to purchase an item that I'll only use once, why can't I just rent one!?

Here at Rockford Chimney Supply, we are doing just that! We have a selection of tools, that you would normally only use once, that can be rented from Rockford Chimney Supply. The best part of this is that we ship these items to you free of charge and we also will pay for them to be shipped back to Rockford Chimney Supply!

By providing you these items, you are likely to do the project, do it correctly the first time, and finish it quickly. Not only do we rent these tools out, we are here to provide installation advice and support on how to do the job and what parts will be needed. When you call Rockford Chimney Supply, the first person you will speak to is a Certified Technician - no automated operators or voicemails.

If there are additional tools that you can think of that may be a 1 time usage, let us know and we may be able to expand our inventory of rentals. For additional information, visit our website page for Chimney Rental Tools.

Some of the items you will find for rental are the Tile Breaker Tool, Chimney Inspection Camera, Chimney Liner Pulling Cone, and Ladder Ridge Hooks.

Tile BreakerTile Breaker Tool

A Rotary Tile Breaking Tool with Rods will dramatically speed up the process of removing clay flue tiles. The weighted tile breakers spin in eccentric circles and will work effectively to break up clay flue tiles so they can be removed.

Chimney CameraChimney Inspection Camera

Easily inspect your chimney for cracked or offset clay tiles, narrowing areas or offsets for your flex liner installation, animals, and more. Simply download the app, turn the camera on, and start recording video or taking photos of the inside of your chimney as you slowly lower the camera down with the included chimney rods.

Chimney ConeChimney Liner Pulling Cone

The round Pulling Cone makes the job of installing a chimney liner easier. Use it to help pull the liner through the chimney. We now offer the pulling cone as a rental item option for the convenience of DIY homeowners.

Ridge HooksRoof Ridge Hooks

The Ladder Ridge Hooks make for a safer rooftop for your chimney liner, chase cover, or rain cap installation. Many homeowners have mentioned that the Ridge Hooks would make them feel more comfortable on their roof.