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Chimney Inspection Camera - Rental

Easily inspect your chimney for cracked or offset clay tiles, narrowing areas or offsets for your flex liner installation, animals, and more. Simply download the app, turn the camera on, and start recording video or taking photos of the inside of your chimney as you slowly lower the camera down with the included chimney rods. Refund of $65 when returned.


Are you wondering if there are any obstructions in your chimney flue? Are there offsets that you need to be aware of before installing your new flex liner? Or, are you wondering if there are any critters in your chimney? With the Rockford Chimney Supply Inspection Camera you can see every part of your chimney right from your phone. Refund of $65 when returned for a final rental cost of $65!

Our inspection camera uses its own WIFI connection to connect to your mobile phone to view the inside of your chimney. All you need to do is download the app. Android version 6 or later and Apple version 8 or later is recommended.

Now you can see for yourself the cracks and gaps inside your chimney, offsets in your chimney, obstructions in your chimney, animals or nests, and more. You can view what is inside your chimney in real time while also recording a video or taking photos for your records. All recording and pictures are saved directly to your mobile device.

Includes eight of our 5 foot chimney rods for a total length of 40 feet. For best image results, lower the camera down your chimney flue slowly. It's always important to get a professional level 2 chimney inspection, but this will help you see the chimney's integrity for yourself.

What This Camera Can Do For You: 

  • Check for cracks, gaps, and missing mortar joints in a chimney flue tile
  • View inconsistencies or obstructions in the chimney flue
  • Check for critters in your chimney such as squirrels, raccoons, birds, and more
  • Examine the smoke chamber of a fireplace
  • Get the full 360 degree view of your chimney flue
  • Record videos and take pictures of the inside of your chimney

We have a quick and easy process to get the tools to you fast so you can complete your project.

↠ Purchase the item from this product page
↠ We'll email you a rental agreement to sign and return back to us in an email
↠ We'll ship the product to your door
↠ Complete your inspection project and let us know when you're done
↠ We'll email you a return label at no extra cost - just drop it off at your nearest FedEx location
↠ Once we receive the product back and perform an inspection on the equipment, we'll issue you a refund of $65!
↠ Rental duration 30 days

How To Start Using the Inspection Camera:

  • Download the App on your mobile device. Go to your phone's store (Google Play Store, Apple Store, Etc) and download "Ferret WiFi"
  • Android version 6 or later and Apple version 8 or later is recommended
  • Turn the inspection camera on
  • You will be prompted with steps to connect to the inspection camera
  • Connect the rods and start taking photos or videos as you slowly lower the camera down your chimney

Chimney Inspection Camera Video:

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