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Tool Rental

You let us know and we listened! We are excited to announce that we now offer chimney tool rentals for common installation projects for the DIY homeowner. Providing the homeowner with tool rentals for jobs that once seemed too costly to do because of the price of "one-time-use" tools. Rotary tile breakers and rods, chimney liner pulling cones, and ridge hooks are offered for your convenience.

Chimney Tool Rental Information

We have a quick and easy process to get the tools to you fast so you can complete your project.

  • Find the item you need from the product list below
  • Purchase the item from the product page
  • We'll ship the product to your door
  • Complete your installation project and let us know when you're done
  • We'll email you a return label at no extra cost - just drop it off at your nearest FedEx location
  • Once we receive the product back, we'll issue you a refund (refunds are noted in chart on product page)

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  1. Clay Flue Tile Breaker and Rods Kit - Rental
    Clay Flue Tile Breaker and Rods Kit - Rental
    As low as $279.00

    A Rotary Tile Breaking Tool dramatically speeds up the process of removing clay flue tiles. The weighted tile breakers spin in eccentric circles and will work effectively to break up clay flue tiles so they can be removed.

  2. Chimney Inspection Camera - Rental
    Chimney Inspection Camera - Rental

    Easily inspect your chimney for cracked or offset clay tiles, narrowing areas or offsets for your flex liner installation, animals, and more. Simply download the app, turn the camera on, and start recording video or taking photos of the inside of your chimney as you slowly lower the camera down with the included chimney rods. Refund of $65 when returned.

  3. Chimney Liner Pulling Cone - Rental
    Chimney Liner Pulling Cone - Rental
    As low as $59.99

    The round pulling cone makes the job of installing a chimney liner easier. Use it to help pull the liner through the chimney. We now offer the pulling cone as a rental item option for the convenience of DIY homeowners.

  4. Ridge Hook - Rental
    Ridge Hook - Rental

    The ridge hook makes for a safer rooftop for your chimney liner or cover installation. Many homeowners have mentioned that the ridge hook would make them feel more comfortable on their roof.

4 Items

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