Preparing Your Mason-Lite Toscana Pizza Oven For Use

Preparing Your Mason-Lite Toscana Pizza Oven For Use

Article provided by Manufacturer Mason-Lite

This article will help you through some of the common questions and practices of using Pizza Ovens manufactured by Mason-Lite. The first thing you want to do is make sure that your Pizza Oven has fully cured before you start to use it. This means waiting 28 Days after the installation as well as following our first firing process. Please see instructions for more information on curing process.

Once the Mason-Lite Pizza Oven is cured and pre-fired, you are ready for your first cooking experience. You will want to warm the Pizza Oven up over 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. These times may vary due to the moisture content and type of wood being used. The Mason-Lite Pizza Ovens perform best with dry hard woods.

Start your fire as you would a traditional fireplace with kindling. We do not recommend using accelerants or accelerant logs as they may contain chemicals that will contaminate your cooking surface. We do not recommend using more than three 2”-3” diameter by 12” long logs at any given time. Once your logs are thoroughly heated you can use a fireplace poker to break them up into a bed of coals. You will want at least a half inch to an inch of coals in the center of the firebrick to make sure the brick stays hot.

Now you’re ready to make your pizza in your Toscana Pizza Oven!

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