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Chimney Part Powder Coating Options

About Powder Coating

Rockford Chimney Supply offers several color options to choose from when it comes to your new chimney caps, chimney pipe and more. Powder coating not only adds durability to the finish of the chimney product, but your new product will blend in aesthetically with your home. This is a great option that we offer that others don't. Please contact a Certified Technician today with any questions you have! Note: Powder coating does add additional time to process your order (3-7 business days on average). Powder Coated parts are custom and non-returnable.

Powder Coat Options

Powder Coat Colors

As you can see above, our color options include Ivory, Tan, Grey, Copper, Green, Brown, and Black. Which color would suite your home the best? Any of our color options are sure to add beauty to your chimney installation.

Powder Coat Chimney Part Examples

Below you can see a few examples of our powder coating abilities.

Powder Coat Option Examples