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Rigid Chimney Liners and Components

For chimney flue relining projects. Stainless steel rigid pipe with laser welded seams.


Rigid Chimney Pipe

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304L Rigid Chimney Liners and Components

Used for wood and wood pellet burning appliances


316L Rigid Chimney Liners and Components

Used for wood, pellet, gas, oil, and coal burning appliances. 316L Rigid Liner has greater corrosion resistance than 304L Rigid Liner.


Watch our Rigid Chimney Liner Top Kit Installation Video and Rigid Chimney Liner Product Overview.

Looking for a better option?

Stainless Steel Rigid Pipe is often forgotten about, but can actually a better option than you thought.

Stainless Rigid Flue Pipes and their components are available in 2 high quality 24 gauge grades of stainless steel: 304L for wood applications and 316L which is multi-fuel, for gas, oil, wood, corn, coal, pellet, to name a few. This pipe is available in round sections, but can be custom shaped into an Oval, Square or Rectangle. The ends are expanded for better flow and easy to connect, no more crimped ends. All seams are laser welded, so gases and moisture stays inside and the pipes stays perfectly round. Plus the interior of the pipe is smooth typically giving you up to a 20% better draft! All stainless rigid pipes are UL listed in the US and Canada. These stainless pipes can be used for fireplaces, stoves, boilers and furnaces.

Getting tired of replacing your black stove pipe every few years, want to upgrade to a more modern or elegant look? Nothing does it better than the Stainless Steel look, with a lifetime warranty. Whether you are running it through your brick chimney or across your room, you will have the peace of mind and protection that you'll be safe. Rigid chimney pipe has an 18" clearance to combustibles and should not be confused with Class A Double Wall Insulated pipe, which is used in Chimney Chases and going through walls, ceilings, attics and roofs. Rigid liners are best suited for straight chimneys without offsets or dampers.

Insulating metal liners is always recommended, and Rigid Flue Pipe is no exception, with the UL Listed "Snap Lock" insulation, it's just that easy. Slide it over the pipe and snap it together, the 2' sections make it simple to insulate. Insulating the pipes not only keeps the gases warmer, but can reduce creosote or condensation, in gas appliances.

Rigid Chimney Liner Features

  • Available in High-Quality Stainless Steel 316L and 304L Alloys
  • All Components will match the stainless 316L or 304L pipe material
  • Available in 3" thru 16" diameter. Larger custom diameter pipes are available.
  • Available in Round and Custom Shaped to Oval, Rectangle and Square
  • Expanded ends mean better flow
  • Smooth LASER-WELDED Seams seal gases and moisture completely and keeps the pipe perfectly round to guarantee a perfect fit every time
  • Smooth interior, the most efficient venting due to decreased turbulence
  • UL & ULC listed
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Insulation available - Snap Wrap