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Chimney Balloon

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The Chimney Balloon (AKA The Chimney Pillow) is an inflatable fireplace draft stopper. Inflate into place in the fireplace flue just above the damper. It makes an airtight seal that blocks outside air and chimney odor from entering your home. The balloon is designed with a low heat melting point that will release the balloon if a fire is accidentally ignited.

Chimney Balloon FAQ
Chimney Balloon Installation Video

Some Possible Applications:

  • To seal a poorly operating damper during the off season.
  • To plug large fireplaces smoke chambers keeping cold air from enter the home.
  • To seal the fireplace flue airtight, so chimney odors and flue smells do not enter the home.
  • To plug standard heating vents or cold air returns.
  • To plug the chimney at the bottom to pour down insulation mix when installing a chimney liner.