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Chimney Caps and Covers

Chimney Chase Covers

Add safety, beauty and value to your home. Our chase covers are a lifetime solution and easy to install. Chase covers in stainless steel or copper, with single or multiple holes or no holes, built to your specifications! Simply measure and fill out our custom form or contact our customer service department and they can assist in order processing.

Chimney Rain Caps

Chimney caps are essential to the safety and proper functioning of your chimney. Keep critters and debris out while helping to keep sparks from leaving your chimney. We offer a large selection of high quality decorative clay chimney pots, single flue caps and multi-flue caps in stainless steel or copper that will last a lifetime.

Chimney Dampers

Is there a large hole in your living area that is directly connected to the outside? There is if you have a traditional wood fireplace with a chimney. Top Mount Dampers are dually puprosed as they are a chimney cap and an energy-efficient way to seal off a drafty traditional fireplace. If you are tired of feeling that cold draft coming down your chimney, a Top Sealing Damper is perfect for you.

Draft & Ventilation Fans

Rockford Chimney Supply's Draft and Vent Fans are a perfect solution to stop a smoky fireplace or wood stove. Ranging from inline draft inducing to top mounted ventilators, these fans can bring to life a fireplace that has never been used. 

Cupolas & Weathervanes

Artfully engineered of durable polyethylene and maintenance free, these cupolas add a unique finishing touch to any building - residential, commercial or farm. Simple to choose the correct size and easily installed!