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Cupolas & Weathervanes

Artfully engineered of durable polyethylene and maintenance free, these cupolas add a unique finishing touch to any building - residential, commercial or farm. Simple to choose the correct size and easily installed! Two-piece designs install easily on any shingle or metal roof. Your choice of weathervane with wind cups and directionals is included. Weathervanes can also be purchased separately. 10 year limited warranty!

Typical Use & Summary:

  • Used as an aesthetically pleasing roof vent for small, mid-size, and large buildings - See our cupola sizing guide
  • Cupolas allow hot air to escape and lower inside building temperatures
  • Many different color combinations to personalize your easy-to-install, maintenance free cupola and weathervane!

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  1. Cupola Model 220
    Cupola Model 220
    As low as $374.99

    Weathervane included! 22" x 22" Base x 34" Height (before addition of weathervane) 28 sq. in. of vents. The most popular size that's great for mid-size buildings.

  2. Cupola Model 320
    Cupola Model 320
    As low as $624.99

    Weathervane included! 30" x 30" Base x 51" Height (before addition of weathervane) 46 sq. in. of vents. The perfect two-piece size for large buildings.

  3. Cupola Model 420
    Cupola Model 420
    As low as $899.99

    Weathervane included! 42" x 42" Base x 62" Height (before addition of weathervane) 66 sq. in. of vents. The largest two-piece model and is the best choice for very large buildings.

  4. Weathervane Designs
    Weathervane Designs
    As low as $74.99

    Elegant weathervanes add functionality and beauty. See our wide design selection. Use this section to purchase a weathervane without a cupola.

4 Items

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