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Chimney Pipes

Black Stove Pipes

Our Black Stove Pipe is offered in two different styles: Single Wall and Double Wall. Use Black Stove Pipe as connector pipe from your stove to the Class A insulated chimney pipe. Double Wall Black Stove Pipe must maintain 6" clearance from combustible material and Single Wall Black Stove Pipe must maintain 18" clearance from combustible material.

Class A Insulated Chimney Pipes

Class A chimney pipe provides 2" clearance to combustibles. Commonly used for through the wall, through the ceiling, and through the roof installations. Rock-Vent Class A chimney pipe is available up to 12" inner diameter and comes in three different grades of stainless steel for a cost effective installation. Selkirk Metalbestos is available up to 8" inner diameter.

Chimney Pipe Adapters & Accessories

Specialty chimney adapters and accessories for chimney pipes. Our parts enable you to make easy connections for your installation. Check out the selection of chimney pipe accessories to help with chimney cleaning, inspection, and fire starting.