Lyemance Original Top Seal Damper

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Lyemance Original Top Seal Damper

Lyemance Original Top Seal Damper

Lyemance Original Top Seal Damper

Lyemance Original Top Seal Damper

Lyemance Original Top Seal Damper

Lyemance Original Top Seal Damper

Lyemance Original Top Seal Damper

Lyemance Original Top Seal Damper

This swing door damper is made of cast aluminum and comes with a 32' stainless steel cable. The cable is...

This swing door damper is made of cast aluminum and comes with a 32' stainless steel cable. The cable is connected to the spring-loaded Power Level Damper. Includes mounting hardware and sealant.

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Product Details:

The Lyemance Original Top Sealing damper is the perfect solution to prevent energy loss and downdrafts on your old traditional masonry fireplace. If you have ever wondered why your fireplace is so cold, it is likely caused by a failed traditional throat damper. Traditional throat dampers do not have a gasket seal and over time can slightly warp, preventing the damper from fully closing. Studies have shown that traditional fireplace throat dampers can cost homeowners around $200 annually in energy loss. The Lyemance top sealing damper has a high temperature silicone gasket on the damper flap which makes a tight seal preventing any downdrafts, moisture and insects.

The Lyemance damper easily mounts to the top of the masonry chimney flue and a cable that is attached to the damper is fed down the inside of the chimney flue going all the way down to the firebox. You will mount the locking bracket to the wall of the fireplace for the chain handle. The power lever assist under the damper lid makes it easy to lock the chain handle to the fireplace bracket. Simply release the chain handle from the fireplace bracket to open the damper when you are ready to have a fire. Comes with all the hardware and silicone adhesive you will need to install the damper. The only tools you will need are a set of wire cutters, a drill, 1/4" masonry drill bit and a hammer.

One of the main benefits of the Lyemance Original Top Sealing Damper is the damper flap opens inside the flue so the damper does not extend very far above the top of the chimney when the damper is open. Other dampers on the market pop open over the flue extending higher over the flue than the Lyemance damper. This is extremely helpful if you already have a multi-flue chimney cap or a stone cap installed on the chimney with a low screen height. The low profile design is especially desirable for historic homes when you would not want to see the damper on top of the chimney flue. Since the Lyemance damper does not extend above the chimney flue it does not offer any rain protection for the flue when the damper is open. An optional chimney cap with screen is available. The dampers with an optional cap are listed in the size selection and are available in: 9"x13" and 13"x13" and 13"x18".

Note: Do not use top dampers with gas logs - failure to open the damper with gas logs could result in carbon monoxide to back up in the home. Also, in the event of a gas leak & gas is trapped in the chimney, it could result in an explosion.

A chimney cap with screen is available for the Lyemance Damper in the following sizes: 9"x13", 13"x13" and 13"x18". Select the option with cap in the dropdown box.


Size Fits Inside Flue Sizes
8" x 8" 6 1/2" to 8 1/2" Width x 6 1/2" to 8 1/2" Length
8" x 17" 5 3/4" to 8 1/4" Width x 14 1/4" to 16 1/2" Length
9" x 13" 6 1/4" to 8 1/8" Width x 11" to 12 1/8" Length
12" x 16" 9 1/4" to 12" Width x 12 3/4" to 15" Length
13" x 13" 10" to 12 1/2" Width x 10" to 12 1/2" Length
13" x 18" 10" to 12 1/2" Width x 15 1/2" to 17 1/2" Length
17" x 17" 15" to 17 1/2" Width x 15" to 17 1/2" Length
12" Round 10 5/8" x 11 3/8"


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Flue King
Great flue topper

Better than my old flue cap with lower height. Works like a champ!

Lymance top seal damper

Great product, was easy to install. Online ordering from Rockford Chimney Supply was simple, and I received my order promptly. Great product, great service!

Sikes masonry
Top side damper

Easy to install , built well , great product when the original damper is bad

Fast delivery and best price online

Rockford chimney supply delivered my damper quickly and responded to my concern about the lack of silicone seal on the back half of the damper. They are a good company to deal with. The damper seems high quality and sturdy. So far it works well and does not restrict the chimney flow. My only complaint is that on the back half of the damper there is not a silicone seal. Water will not get in because the area is covered, but I want to stop heat from leaking out of the house when I do not have a fire, so I will seal the back half like the front.

Great Company

Pre-order questions were answered swiftly and accurately via email. The product came quickly and undamaged. Great prices. Very happy.

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