Timberwolf TDI3N Gas Burning Fireplace Insert

Timberwolf TDI3N Gas Burning Fireplace Insert

Timberwolf TDI3N Gas Burning Fireplace Insert

Timberwolf TDI3N Gas Burning Fireplace Insert

Timberwolf TDI3N Gas Burning Fireplace Insert

Timberwolf TDI3N Gas Burning Fireplace Insert

Timberwolf TDI3N Gas Burning Fireplace Insert


Max Output: 24,500 BTU

Starting At: $2649

Max Output: 24,500 BTU

Starting At: $2649



Product Details:

The Timberwolf TDI3N Gas fireplace insert is a great choice if you are looking to update your old traditional fireplace. The Timberwolf TDI3N gas insert provides more than just efficiency of an upgraded gas log set, the split oak log set and the "H" style burner fully fills the firebox of flames making the insert look as if it were a traditional wood burning fireplace. If you are tired of the mess that comes with wood burning and need a simple solution, the Timberwolf TDI3N natural gas fireplace insert is for you.

The Timberwolf TDI3N Gas Insert is perfect for the cost saving trend of zone heating (heating the rooms you use frequently), you can add a 24,500 BTU heater to the room while also enjoying the beauty of the flames. If you are looking to get the most heat out of the insert, add the optional blower kit to help push the heat throughout the space.

The Timberwolf TDI3N Gas Insert is very easy to install which makes it a great choice for DIY homeowners. It utilizes co-linear venting that consists of installing two 3" chimney liners for the fresh air intake and the exhaust. Simply connect the chimney liners to the exhaust outlet of the fireplace side and attach the liners to a co-linear chimney cap and the chimney venting is complete. If your home is off the grid and not connected to natural gas, a conversion kit is available to convert the insert to burn propane.

You can choose between the Mirror Flame, Old Town Red or Westminster decorative fireplace panels to complement your decor. Faceplates and backer plates are available to seal around the fireplace insert and the opening of the fireplace. An optional remote control is available to easily allow you to turn on the fireplace from across the room. Choose the Timberwolf TDI3N fireplace insert and you will enjoy hours of heat and beauty of the fire in the cold winter months.

Specifications & Manual

Timberwolf TDI3N Gas Burning Fireplace Insert Installation Manual

Timberwolf TDI3N Gas Burning Fireplace
Actual Depth 18.3125"
Actual Height 20.9375"
Actual Width 28.625"
Glass Viewing Area 22.625”w x 15" h
Minimum Fireplace Opening Depth 18.5"
Minimum Fireplace Opening Height 21.125"
Minimum Fireplace Opening Width 28.875"
BTU’s 24,500 BTU’s
Chimney Exhaust System Diameter 3”
Air Intake System Diameter 3”
Warranty President Limited Lifetime



  • Up to 24,500 BTU's
  • High Performance “H” Style Burner Provides Complete Firebox Width Flame Display
  • Clean Face Design And Flush Finish Accessories
  • 20 15/16”H X 28 5/8”W X 14 3/8”D
  • Full view design with a massive 340 sq. in. viewing area
  • Simple and robust millivolt control system
  • Premium clean face safety barrier maximizes viewing area
  • Directional baffles increase air flow for maximum blower efficiency
  • Clean contemporary faceplates and backerplates available
  • Superior heat circulating blower available
  • Optional Faceplates 2.5" And 5" Widths

Help & Documents:

Required Accessories:

MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels

The Mirro-Flame Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels are a great addition that enhances the beauty of the flames. The reflective panels add more lights from the fireplace creating a mesmerizing effect. Before you know it the flames will have you hypnotized.

Decorative Brick Panels Westminster Grey Herringbone

Choose the Westminster Grey Herringbone decorative panel to give your Timberwolf TDI3N a unique contemporary look. The color grey is timeless and is suitable for any decor. The herringbone brick pattern is a contemporary look and gives a unique look for a gas fireplace that not many manufacturers offer.

Decorative Brick Panels Old Town Red™ Standard

Choose the Old Town Red decorative panel to give your Timberwolf TDI3N the look of an older traditional fireplace. The red stands out and makes the fireplace the focal point in any room. The red brick paired with the orange and yellow flames of the fire create a beautiful fireplace view.

Optional Accessories


Choose between the small and the large black faceplate to close the gap between the insert and the fireplace so you do not have to see inside the actual fireplace. The faceplate is used when there is a smaller gap between the insert and the fireplace. The small faceplate will cover a fireplace opening less than 30.3/4" Wide x 20 5/16" Tall and the large faceplate will cover a fireplace opening size less than 35 3/4" Wide x 22 13/16" Tall.


Do you have a larger masonry fireplace? Choose between the small and large black backer plates. The backer plate is used when the masonry fireplace is larger and the faceplate is not able to close the gap between the fireplace and the insert. The backer plate can be used with the faceplate to add more dimensions to the insert while enhancing the look. The small back plate can cover a fireplace up to 40 1/4" Wide x 25 1/4" Tall. The large back plate can cover a fireplace smaller than 48" Wide x 30" Tall.

Conversion Kit

Do you not have natural gas in your area? No problem. The conversion kit will allow you to connect propane to the fireplace insert. This is perfect for homes that are trying to live off the grid while still having a modern gas fireplace insert to enjoy. The conversion kit easily attaches to the fireplace providing an orifice to connect to a propane line.

Optional Remote

Looking for the easiest way to turn on your Timberwolf gas fireplace Insert? The F45 handheld remote control allows you to turn the gas log set on or off from up to 20' away from the fireplace. No need to reach inside the fireplace insert to manually light the logs. Just press the on-off button from anywhere. A floor or wall mount receiver is included to activate the fire. Batteries are included.

Optional Blower Kit

The optional 180 CFM Blower Kit is used to help push the warmth across the space allowing you to enjoy more heat while you cozy up next to the fire.

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