Ventis Allegheny Vented Gas Log Set

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Ventis Allegheny Vented Gas Log Set

Ventis Allegheny Vented Gas Log Set

Ventis Allegheny Vented Gas Log Set

Ventis Allegheny Vented Gas Log Set

The Allegheny Oak gas log set has the appearance of fresh wood that never burns out. The rich brown logs...

The Allegheny Oak gas log set has the appearance of fresh wood that never burns out. The rich brown logs perfectly accent the beautiful flames. Burners are available for either natural gas or propane.

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Product Details:

The Allegheny Oak gas log set has the appearance of fresh wood that never burns out. The rich brown logs perfectly accent the beautiful flames. If you are tired of burning wood in your fireplace and are looking for an easier way to have a fire without the mess and hassle of wood burning, our Ventis gas fireplace logs sets are perfect for you.

The Ventis gas logs sets are available for both natural gas and propane. Each set comes along with a variable flame remote so you are able to adjust the flame to the perfect setting. The Ventis log sets are available in three sizes 18, 24 and 30 inch. Lava granules included with the log sets which provide a realistic ember bed.

Optional decor kits and embers beds are available to further enhance the aesthetics of the fireplace. You will definitely be enjoying more fires with less mess once the Ventis gas fireplace log set is installed. Each log set is ANSI Z21.60-2017 and CSA 2.26-2017 compliant. The burners are available for either natural gas or propane.

Minimum Fireplace Openings

  • 18" Log Set: 17" Height, 26" Width, 15" Depth
  • 24" Log Set: 17" Height, 30" Width, 15" Depth
  • 30" Log Set: 17" Height, 35" Width, 15" Depth

BTU Rating For Natural Gas And Propane

  • 18" Log Set: 40,000
  • 24" Log Set: 55,000
  • 30" Log Set: 65,000

Log Set Burners

V1 Series ANSI Certified Burner offers a variable flame remote that allows you to control the height of the flames while the fire is going. The burner is equipped with piezzo ignition system that allows you to ignite the burner system by simply pushing a button. Similar to how most gas grills are ignited. The V1 series burner has hidden controls which gives the log set a natural fireplace feel. Choose the appropriate option for length and fuel in the dropdown menu when ordering. The burner length must match the log length when ordering.

Help & Documents:

Installation & Manual

Ventis Allegheny Vented Gas Log Set Manual

Gas Logs Chimney Liner Sizing

Link to Fireplace Measuring Guide: Use our fireplace measuring form to fill out your measurements and send to us if you plan to reline your chimney when you install your Ventis Gas Logs. We will be happy to put together a parts list for you!

The chimney liner size for a gas log fireplace must be the same as if it were a wood burning fireplace. You must measure the height and the width of the opening of the fireplace as well as the inside measurements of the existing flue.

The height and the width of the fireplace opening will determine the diameter size of the chimney liner for the gas logs. The area of the liner is going to be 1/10th the area of the face opening of the fireplace. If your fireplace has glass doors, measure the opening with the doors open.

Once we have measured the inside measurements of the fireplace opening, we need to calculate the square inches.For instance 30" tall by 30" wide has an area of 900 square inches. The area of the liner would need to be the equivalent of 90 square inches of area (or in other words 1/10 the area). That size fireplace would require an 11" round liner.

The inside measurements of the existing chimney flue will then dictate if the liner will be able to fit down the chimney flue. If the round liner is too large to fit down the flue, you can look to see if there is an equivalent size square, oval or rectangle liner. For instance, a 7.5" x 13.75" rectangle liner is going to have the same venting capacity as a round 11" round liner. Removing the existing clay chimney flues is always an option if the correct size liner will not fit down the current flue. Tile breakers are available for rental to assist you in removing the clay chimney flues.

Note: Top sealing dampers are not approved to be installed for a gas log fireplace. A damper clip is included with every gas log set to prevent the damper from closing. This will prevent any gas build up in the fireplace and the home in the event of a gas leak.


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