Ventis Forever Zero Clearance Fireplace

Ventis Forever Zero Clearance Fireplace

Ventis Forever Zero Clearance Fireplace

Ventis Forever Zero Clearance Fireplace

Ventis Forever Zero Clearance Fireplace

Ventis Forever Zero Clearance Fireplace

Ventis Forever Zero Clearance Fireplace

Ventis Forever Zero Clearance Fireplace

Ventis Forever Zero Clearance Fireplace

Wood Burning Zero Clearance Fireplace. Stainless steel construction. Available in 36" and 42" sizes.

Wood Burning Zero Clearance Fireplace. Stainless steel construction. Available in 36" and 42" sizes.

As low as$2,223.99

As low as$2,223.99

Product Details:

The Ventis Forever Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace is the perfect choice for new construction or replacement of your old manufactured fireplace. The Forever Fireplace will certainly last for many generations with the all stainless steel construction and quality craftsmanship. The specialty designed smoke chamber is higher than other manufacturers and is sloped to prevent resistance for the flue gas, ensuring the fireplace and chimney are drafting properly. The fully insulated firebox will keep more heat in and is lined with refractory panels for an even more efficient burn.

Not looking to burn wood? No problem! The Forever Fireplace is approved for vented and unvented gas logs sets. Optional Bi-Fold doors are available to help assist with the draft in tighter home constructions while also adding to the safety of the fireplace. An optional Trim Kit is available if you do not plan on bringing the non combustible facing material directly to the edge of the unit. This will allow you to remove the fireplace without having to cut away the non combustible facing material off of the fireplace.

If you are looking for a traditional fireplace without constructing a full masonry fireplace and chimney, the Forever Fireplace is the premier zero clearance fireplace. Available in 36" and 42" widths.

Specifications & Manual

Ventis Forever ZC Fireplace Manual

Ventis Forever Fireplace Specifications
Approved chimney pipe 8" Rock-Vent class A chimney pipe
Depth - Overall 20.863"
Height - Overall 39.421"
Width - Overall 41"
Framing dimensions (Depth) 20.875"
Framing dimensions (Front Width) 42"
Framing dimensions (Height) 39.75"
Door opening dimensions (Width) 35.625"
Door opening dimensions (Height) 16.8"
Type of Door Optional glass Bi-fold double doors
USA standard (emissions) Exempt
Type of Fuel Wood
Gas log approved Yes. (Vented and Unvented)
Type of Chimney UL103 HT
Minimum chimney height (feet) 12'
Maximum chimney height 40'
Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.) N/A

Clearance to Combustibles Within Enclosure Area

Fireplace to backwall Fireplace to sidewall Stand-offs on top to the header Door opening to side wall Fireplace opening to combustible materials
½” ½” 0” 12” 48”
* The information given on the certification label affixed to the appliance always overrides the information published in any other media (owner's manual, catalogues, flyers, magazines and/or web sites).
** Some appliances have been tested with a low ceiling. Before setting up your unit, refer to the installation manual.



  • Stainless steel construction, Built to last
  • Full refractory-lined firebox
  • Fully insulated
  • 8" flue for 8" Class-A chimney
  • Higher, sloped smoke chamber
  • Approved with vented or vent-free gas logs
  • Optional glass doors and trim kits available

Help & Documents:

Optional Accessories

Glass Doors

The Bi-Fold Fireplace doors are a great way to make the fireplace a little safer, preventing embers or sparks from falling out of the fireplace. The Bi-Fold doors also add to the look and aesthetic of the fireplace. The two doors easily slide open and close for when you need to reload the fireplace.

Trim Kit

The Trim Kit is a great addition that gives a finished look to the fireplace without having to bring the non combustible facing material directly to the side of the unit. This is extremely helpful if you need to remove the fireplace in the future. That way you will not have to cut and possibly damage the non combustible facing material that would have otherwise been sealed directly to the fireplace.

Fresh Air Kit

With home construction getting tighter and tighter to prevent heating and cooling loss, this creates a problem for fireplaces. Fresh air is an essential element to wood combustion. Adding the fresh air kit will ensure the fireplace is constantly fed with good fresh air and the fireplace is burning correctly. The fresh air kit should also be highly considered if you are installing the fireplace in a basement. Basements are known to be a negative pressure area of the home. Adding the fresh air kit will help stabilize the pressure and create positive pressure for the fireplace.

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