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Chimney Liner Kit

Chimney Liner Kit

Chimney Liner Kit

Chimney Liner Kit

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Build Your Own Kit: Rock-Flex 316Ti Flexible Stainless Steel Chimney Liner & Components KitApplications: Installed in a masonry chimney venting Wood,...

Build Your Own Kit: Rock-Flex 316Ti Flexible Stainless Steel Chimney Liner & Components Kit

Applications: Installed in a masonry chimney venting Wood, Pellet, Gas, Oil, and Coal burning appliances

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Applications for 316Ti Chimney Liners

Flexible chimney liners can be installed inside a masonry chimney for the applications listed below.

Fuel Types:

  • Wood and wood pellet fuel
  • Gas fuel
  • Oil fuel
  • Coal

Chimney Liner Replacement Examples:

  • Fireplace inserts
  • Wood stoves
  • Traditional masonry fireplaces
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Water heaters

*Always check the manual for the appliance you are venting regarding venting requirements

Details and Features

The Rock-Flex Chimney Liner Kit is our original & signature chimney liner for basic installations, you can't go wrong with this choice. With 7 ply seams and 10 corrugations per seam, it is a very durable liner that is air and water tight. As a matter of fact, you can stand on this stainless liner and it will not crease.

Additionally, the 316Ti Stainless Steel Chimney Liner is an all-fuel liner including wood, pellet, gas, oil, coal. 316Ti features a unique titanium alloy designed to resist flue acids and the extreme stresses of hot and cold cycles. It can withstand multiple heating cycles up to 2100 degrees.

UL Listed UL 1777 and made of the highest quality, hand picked, prime stainless steel and fabricated right here in the United States. You can't go wrong with this tried and tested liner for your chimney liner replacement installation.

  • 316Ti Stainless Steel
  • Designed to resist flue acids and extreme temperatures
  • Fully customize your chimney liner kit in four easy steps
  • UL Tested and Listed
  • Category 1 / Residential
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Complete installation instructions - Most installations will take no more than 2 to 3 hrs. No rivets or clamps required.
  • Customer Support from Rockford's Certified Technicians

Measuring & Installing Your Flexible Chimney Liner Kit

Measuring for your stainless steel chimney liner is one of the most important steps. Specifically, measure the exact inside measurements of the chimney flue or brick chimney, this will ensure the chimney liner will fit down your masonry flue.

Be sure the proper size liner, sized to the appliance you are connecting to, will fit down your current masonry chimney. Here is a link to our helpful measuring guides and a link to our Chimney Liner Size Calculator.

Additionally, view our easy-to-follow chimney liner installation video.

How to Order a Chimney Liner Kit

Customize your Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Kit step by step with our easy ordering menu. Included in your chimney liner kit:

Step 1: Flexible Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

316Ti Stainless Steel Chimney Liners - Air and water tight, with 7 ply seams and 10 corrugations per seam for the very best durability and strength on today's market. Additionally, rated number one in the industry for ease of installation and strength. UL Listed and made of the highest quality, hand picked, prime stainless steel made in the United States. Fuels include gas, oil, wood, pellet, and coal.

To begin with, select the proper size diameter chimney liner for the appliance you are connecting to. If you need assistance sizing, contact one of Rockford's Certified Technicians and we will be happy to assist.

Note: The sizes give in the menu are inside diameters. Add 1/4" for the outside diameter of the liner.

Next, select the proper length for the chimney height. We fabricate each liner kit in five foot increments. You will want to round up and choose the liner length that is the nearest length.

Optional Insulation

One of the most frequently asked questions is "Do I Need to Insulate My Chimney Liner?". Most often, for solid fuels, the answer is yes and typically required. On the other hand, for gas and oil, it's recommended, but not always required. Here are a few articles we've written to help you understand chimney liner insulation requirements.

Step 2: Bottom Connector

Secondly, you will select the Bottom Connector, which will connect the flexible chimney liner to the appliance. Not only is our Quick-Connect system extremely secure, but also easy to install. In general, there are two different styles of Bottom Connectors.

The first option is a Two-Part Tee Connector. Use the Tee Connector to connect horizontally to the appliance or to the connector pipe inside the room. This is a two-part Tee Connector with a removable snout. Tee Connector Installation Video

The second option is a Vertical Appliance Connector. Use the Vertical Appliance Connector to connect directly to the top of the appliance.

You will find an application summary for each Bottom Connector in the dropdown menu. Keep in mind, the connectors are made to fit around the flex liner and will be 1/4" to 1/2" larger than the diameter listed.

Step 3: Top Plate

Thirdly, you will select a Top Plate size which will terminate and secure the chimney liner in place at the top of the chimney. Choose the size & style top plate that will fit your chimney flue tile or brick opening. Above all, with our extremely secure Quick-Connect system, installation will be a breeze.

You will find an application summary for each Top Plate in the dropdown menu. See our Top Plate Options Overview Video for additional information.

Step 4: Rain Cap

Lastly, select a Rain Cap to place over the collar on the Top Plate. This will protect & keep critters, debris, and weather out of the chimney flue. Easy to install and extremely secure with our Quick-Connect system. Not only does the Round Rain Cap feature a mesh screen, but it also has a wind guard to protect against downdrafts.

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Need More Help?

Contact one of Rockford's Certified Technicians today to help answer your questions and assist in planning your installation. Our Technicians are CSIA and NFI Certified; ready to take your call, email, or text.

Why Choose Rockford's Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

We offer the best protection for you and your home. Air and water tight chimney liners, seven ply seams that lock moisture and flue gases in the flexible flue liner which keeps them from leaking into the home.

Guards Against Corrosion - Certified Rock-Flex stainless steel chimney liners protect against hostile acids which deteriorate masonry clay tile chimneys.

What About Creosote? - Rockford chimney flue liners do not allow creosote to leach through the liner unlike masonry, clay tile flues, or liners not made of prime stainless. Creosote can catch fire, thanks to Rock Flex this harmful creosote is minimized.

Seals Off Carbon Monoxide - When it comes to safety our flexible chimney liners will protect the structure of your home from moisture damage and the very real potential of carbon monoxide poisoning.

UL Listed in the USA and CANADA - Our stainless steel flue liners and components are UL tested and listed to UL1777 standard, Underwriter Laboratories. UL is the leader and most recognized in the United States, don't settle for less.

Lifetime Transferable Warranty - The best warranty anywhere, transferable to new homeowner if you decide to sell. You're going to feel good about this purchase, plus you're adding value to your home.

316Ti Liners - A unique titanium alloy designed to resist flue acids and the extreme stresses of hot and cold cycles. It can withstand multiple heating cycles up to 2100 degrees.

Rockford carries a complete selection of chimney liner supplies. Our hearth liner kits and components are premium stainless-steel and 100 percent manufactured in the USA. Buy chimney liners online at Rockford Chimney Supply and you are guaranteed to be getting the best chimney liner replacement system available. Our service, price, & quality is unmatched, anywhere.

With attention to Canadian customers, please use our US Border Depots to save on shipping.

Help & Documents:

Complete Installation Instructions

"DIY chimney liners installed the easy way." Most installations will take no more than 2 to 3 hrs. No rivets or screws required. Chimney liner installation instructions.

Lifetime Forever transferable chimney liner warranty.


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Lined Just in Time

Wanted to thank you all for offering these types of kits to homeowners at a good price. Installed mine yesterday and it's already getting some great use due to winter weather that came the very next day.

Installed on a Black Bart II insert stove that was previously venting directly into the fire box. Insufficient draft made smoke come down below the insert and get picked up by the fan. Had to notch the cast iron damper box and take out two firebricks for proper angle. Used a 8" x 20' 316ti pipe with rectangle to round adapter along with the appliance connector.

Everything had a healthy bead of furnace cement on contact surfaces and on inside. Followed instructions to cure furnace cement. Draft is perfect and no more smoke. Better yet, I was able to do this with a help of a friend in an afternoon. I am in no way/shape/form a professional or a contractor.

Chimney Liner kit works great

Had to return & re-order some parts due to unseen obstruction in failed chimney liner. Customer service was extremely helpful. This was a 71 y/o DIY install, so I built a small platform on the gable roof next to the chimney, and harnessed into my roof safety hooks I use for snow shoveling, to appease my wife. Glad I did it b/c it was like wrestling a 25 ft dead Python into a hole 30 ft off the ground! Wife used cell phone to help line up Tee in basement. Installation took only 2 hours. Saved huge amount of $ doing it ourselves, and now the chimney is totally safe. Win-win!

Excellent product

Quick shipment and as advertised, this rugged liner was installed within a few hours and made my house safe again.


Chimney company wanted $3500 to install a stainless liner, so I did not see a choice here. Rockford's personnel were pleasant and helpful.

We had a lot of difficulty getting the 6" liner through the 7x7 liner. A rubber strap wrench allowed us to keep turning the liner, inching downward with each turn. Actually put the liner down the chimney four times and took it out three, trying to determine why things did not go easily. Never did find a problem. Now that it's installed, the wood stove seems to work better than it ever has. Not certain that I got the lowest price but it was worth a few dollars to have phone support.

Good Stuff

Shipping was great and on time. I had one question so I called them and they were very helpful. Products seemed of good quality. Their videos were very helpful.

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Our 316Ti flexible chimney liner and chimney liner components have passed the rigorous testing at the Underwriters Laboratories with best in class status and are UL Listed. So if you are looking for UL listed chimney liner sold directly to homeowners, then look no further than Rockford Chimney

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