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Chimney Tools & Accessories

From high temperature silicone and chimney fire suppressants to creosote cleaners and chimney brushes, we have it all here.

Take a look around, many of these items are great to have on hand for wood burning such as the cedar fire starters and emergency fire suppressant or chimney brushes and chimney rods. If you need any help finding what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to call us.

Check out our chimney tools for rental!

Chimney Silicones & Repair

High quality and temperature rated silicones and repair products made specifically for all types of chimney projects. You will find the cement, sealant, or crown repair you need, plus maybe an extra safety accessory such as the First Line of Defense Fire Suppressant.

Chimney Cleaners

Quality, affordable chimney cleaning solutions from glass cleaner and fireplace brick cleaner to creosote modifiers. Our creosote modifying solutions are great to incorporate into your chimney sweeping routine.

Chimney Liner Tools

All of our chimney tools are intended to help the do-it-yourself homeowner or contractor with their installation. From pulling cones and tile breakers to chimney brushes and cleaning rods, we have what you need.