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Class A Insulated Chimney Pipes

If you are looking to install a wood stove or heating appliance, but your home was never constructed with a chimney - No Sweat. Class A chimney systems are double wall insulated chimney pipes that have a 2" clearance rating from combustible material. Go through the wall or through the ceiling without a problem since we offer a variety of components to help cater to your specific installation. We off Rock-Vent and Selkirk Class A Chimney systems which are both U.L. listed and fabricated from the highest grade stainless steels.

Typical Use & Summary:

  • Used when you don't have a masonry chimney or need a closer clearance to combustibles
  • Run through the wall, ceiling, and/or roof to the outdoors
  • Can transition to Black Stove Pipe which connects to an appliance, such as a stove
  • Can extend an existing masonry chimney to maintain proper chimney height
  • Provides 2” clearance to combustible materials

You Might be Looking For:

  • Double Wall Black Stove Pipe
    Used to connect an appliance to masonry chimney, Flex Liner Kit, or Class A chimney pipe. Not intended to pass through combustibles.

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Rock-Vent Class A Chimney Systems

Rock-Vent Class A insulated chimney pipe and components are ideal for new installations or installing a new stove or insert into an existing home. Rock-Vent Class A chimney pipe and components are UL listed and provide a 2" clearance to combustibles. Manufactured in the USA with the homeowner in mind with 3 stainless steel options to select from to help manage a cost effective installation. Compatible with Ventis, Champion, and Nexvent Class A chimney pipe.

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Selkirk Class A Chimney Pipes

Selkirk Metalbestos Ultra-Temp Class A insulated chimney pipe and components are UL-103 listed as a multi-fuel system and provides a 2" clearance to combustibles. Inner pipe fabricated with 304L stainless steel. Selkirk Metalbestos Ultra-Temp is compatible with Selkirk's UT, SS, SS2, Sure Temp (Not compatible with Super-Vent).

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