Newsletter April 2010


With spring approaching, Rockford Chimney is reminding homeowners to make sure their chimneys don't become home to raccoons.

To a raccoon, a chimney without a secure cap is a perfect nursery to raise the young born this time of year. Raccoons look for tall structures they can enter from the top with protected interiors where mother and young will be safe from predators. Raccoons learned to look for these features in hollow trees long before people built chimneys. An abundance of chimneys and corresponding short supply of hollow trees in cities and suburbs is a recipe for conflict with these wild neighbors.

The most important thing for homeowners to know about raccoons in chimneys is that a secure chimney cap will keep them out before they settle in.

Homeowners should cap chimneys now, before raccoon birthing season.

From my family to yours,

Brad White

Chimney Cleaners

Cleaning A Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

RockRigid Lining Systems

A working chimney liner is vitally important because it will protect against dangerous gases leaking into your home. Stainless Steel Chimney Liners greatly improve the efficiency of old brick, block, or clay tiled chimneys, and they last a lifetime. You will have to clean the liner once a year in order to make sure that your home is completely safe.

Tools and Materials

Assemble the extension rods and select the correct size poly brush before going onto the roof. Assembling them once you are on the roof is difficult and significantly increases the danger to you.

Place the extension ladder safely against the side of your house. Climb up to the roof and make sure you can easily reach the chimney area. Check that you are safe and stable before carrying out any work. A safety harness is recommended when working at high heights. Be careful not to make contact with any overhead wires.

Remove the rain cap and clean it with a small brush to clear any debris and dirt.

Using a flashlight inspect the existing chimney liner for any obvious damage just to be on the safe side.

Once you you have completed the inspection use the poly brush to clean the liner. Slowly push the brush down into the flue, rotating it as you work. Withdraw the brush from the chimney and any large build ups of dirt or debris should be removed. Do this three or four times to make sure the chimney liner is completely cleaned from top to bottom. Take care not to be too aggressive as you may cause damage to the liner.

Finish the process by replacing the chimney cap and cleaning up any debris on the roof. Come down from the roof and go back to the flue door. Any accumulated debris in your appliance or clean out should be cleaned up immediately.

Chase Covers!

Now's the best time of year to fix that leaking or deteriorating chimney top with a Chase Cover from Rockford Chimney Supply made from 24g stainless steel with a lifetime warranty.

We can make one at a time or 50 at a time, NO job is too small or too big. Also available in copper. Larger orders please call 1-866-708-2446 for pricing.

The Bottom Line - Here at Rockford, we make sure that our customers are at an advantage when it comes to the bottom line. Therefore, when you purchase a New Stainless Steel chase cover from Rockford, you get all of these benefits:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • FREE Shipping
  • We'll take care of the sales tax
  • Excellent Phone support till your job is complete

New Product updates!

Rockford Chimney Supply is proud to announce the addition of several new quality products.

Starting with the Rockford line of back yard Chimineas and Firepits: Now you can move the experience of sitting by the fire to your backyard and enjoy the warmth of a fire outdoors in the spring, summer and fall.

Rockford chimineas and firepits are either wood burning or gas. You will not find a better value in an outdoor fireplace than a Rockford Chimney Supply chiminea or firepit.

These can be used in any climate and any weather. Our heavy duty cast aluminum wood burning chimineas can be fitted for use with propane or natural gas. All gas chimineas can be converted to wood and back to gas again for dual purpose use.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of the Napoleon backyard Patio Heaters.

Radiant warmth with superior technology. Napoleon® patio heaters allow you to extend outdoor activities in all seasons. Napoleon patio heaters generate infrared radiant heat rays which heat objects rather than surrounding air keeping you cozy and warm. Infrared heat provides efficient clean burning performance and uses less fuel while providing ultimate comfort.

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of Napoleon products. Napoleon's commitment to quality and durability will help warm your home and family gatherings for years to come.

So as you can see at Rockford Chimney Supply we are committed to bringing you comfort and warmth year round.

Feel free to call our experienced personnel with any questions you may have.

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