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Chimney Insulation

Chimney Insulation - Blanket Wrap or Pour Down Mix

Chimney liner insulation kits help ensure safety and efficiency for stainless steel flex chimney liners. Insulation also reduces the build up of creosote and helps your chimney stay cleaner longer. Rockford has two options for you to pick from when considering flexible chimney liner insulation: Super Wrap Blanket Kits and EverGuard Pour-Down Insulation Mix. To insulate our single wall stainless steel rigid pipe, choose the Rigid Liner Insulation below. This type of insulation snap-locks together around the pipe.

When do I need to Insulate?
To maintain efficiency, safety, and to significantly reduce formation of creosol you will need our 1/2" Super Wrap blanket insulation kit or our Ever Guard insulation mix. This can help ensure the safety and efficiency of your stainless steel flex chimney liner. Adding stainless steel flex liner insulation can also help reduce the buildup of creosote as well.

Why Insulate?
It is strongly advised that you do insulate. When you install your chimney liner with the proper chimney insulation, your reline job creates an environment that allows your appliance to be as efficient and safe as possible. Plus, your insurance company will love you for it. An insulated chimney liner has a better draft and stays cleaner longer, which is a benefit to any stainless steel flex chimney liner.

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  1. Chimney Liner Insulation Blanket Kit
    Chimney Liner Insulation Blanket Kit
    As low as $124.99

    Our SuperWrap Chimney Liner Insulation Kit has everything you need in one box: precisely sized foil faced 1/2" or 1/4" Super Wrap insulating blanket, retractable mesh, spray adhesive, foil tape and clamps.

  2. Chimney Liner Insulation Blanket Only
    Chimney Liner Insulation Blanket Only
    As low as $39.99

    In response to customer requests, we now offer 5' and 10' lengths of our Super Wrap 1/2 thick 4ml protective foil face insulation. Width is 24".

  3. Chimney Insulation Mix - Everguard
    Chimney Insulation Mix - Everguard

    Everguard insulation mix is a ready mix, vermiculite based insulation material. Simply prepare by gradually adding 4-7 gallons of water. Pour the mix around the chimney liner, while shaking the liner.

  4. Rigid Liner Insulation
    Rigid Liner Insulation
    As low as $32.99

    Compress the insulation around the rigid liner by hand, until the two edges snap and lock together. Available in 24" lengths. Rigid insulation increases the outside diameter of the liner pipe by 1.75".

4 Items

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