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Multiple Flue Chimney Caps

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Multi flue chimney caps accommodate single or multiple flues in one chimney structure. There are several options to customize your multi flue cap including stainless steel or copper, top mount or outside mount, flat lid or hip and ridge lid, screen height, and corner reinforcements.

Rockford Chimney's Multi Flue Chimney Caps are made custom to your measurements for a perfect fit every time, shipped free to your door, and easily installed. If you have questions, we're here to help. See our stainless steel and copper caps below.

What's the difference in lid styles? The flat lid has diagonal creases for water run-off and is removable for easy cleaning and inspection. The hip and ridge lid has a pitch for increased water run-off, decreased snow piling in the winter, and the style adds to the beauty of your home. Th hip and ridge multi flue cap also has a removable lid for easy inspection and cleaning.

Powder coating is available for our Stainless Steel Chimney Caps in Ivory, Tan, Grey, Copper, Green, Brown, or Black. Please call us for a quote.